What antigen(s) does each T cell bind to?

What TCR sequences does each T cell have?

What are the phenotype and function of each T cell?

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We developed TetTCR-Seq, a platform for high-throughput pairing of TCR sequences with potentially multiple pMHC species bound on single T cells.

Step One

Library of fluorescently labeled, DNA-barcoded pMHC tetramers is constructed using in vitro transcription & translation.

Step Two

Tetramer-stained cells are single-cell sorted to amplify the DNA-barcoded (with molecular identifier) and TCRαβ genes in RT-PCR.

Step Three

Nucleotide-based cell barcodes are used to link multiple peptide specificities with their bound TCRαβ sequences.

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Lineage Tracing

Track progeny of antigen-binding T cells in disease settings

Autoimmunity Monitoring

Identify cross-reactivity and autoimmune events

Biomarker Verification

Discover and validate immune response biomarkers

T cell Engineering

Enigneer and optimize neoantigen-specific T cells

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We are a startup founded by a group of computer scientists, immunologists and bioinformaticians in 2018. Our company is supported in part by NIH grants. We are looking for talents, partners, and investors.